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Academic Exploration Competition 2020 Results

The Oxford & Cambridge Society of Malaysia is proud and excited to announce the winners of the Academic Exploration Competition:

Click here for the official announcement in PDF.

STEM Solution

  1. Potential Treatment of Restriction Enzymes to Prevent Virus Replication by Inhibiting Synthesis of Viral Components
    Yap Lek Yun, Tan Chong Han and Isaac Lim Wan Cheng
  2. Self sanitising, Reusable N95 respirators to Combat Covid-19
    Ng Wi Rong
  3. Exploring the Applications of Molecular Docking in Developing Novel Therapies Targeting SARS-CoV-2 Binding and Membrane Fusion
    Ka Yeon Kim

Humanities Essay

  1. Wives of the Pandemic
    Aryanna Kaur Bhinder
  2. Combating Xenophobia
    Rebecca Lim Shu Ying
  3. Taking a Look at Virtual Courts
    Sudeepta Sarkar

Honourable Mentions

  • The Effects of COVID-19 on the Education Field
  • The Ethics and Jurisprudence of Contact-tracing
    Bryan Tan Wee Chuan
  • The Driving Force of Mass Media and Fake News
    Tia Tatyana Yu Ning Foong Siddle
  • Changes in Education
    Ng Yin Joe
  • The Human Experience in the COVID-19 Outbreak
    Lee Ee Jenn
  • The Coronavirus Impact Broken Down
    Vigneshwaran a/l Sundrasagar
  • The Changes in Economic Thinking which will Influence Global Supply, Accelerated by COVID-19
    Nigel Leong

Computer Science

  1. Rona Rush Game App
    Maximus Abela and Gavin Gan

Honourable Mention

  • Hand Wash Timer
    Chong Quok Tern