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About Oxbridge Malaysia

The Founders of the Oxford & Cambridge Society Malaysia were men of few words and singular Vision.

The Society was registered on 11 January 1960. The objectives of the Society were (and still are) : to promote social, recreational and cultural activities between past and present members of the two Universities in the (then) Federation of Malaya; to organise a dinner in celebration of the annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and to further any cause or project in the interests of the Universities or their members.

Tun Sir Henry H. S. Lee was the first President of the Society, and the Hon. Dato’ Suleiman bin Dato’ Abdul Rahman PMN (ex-Minister of the Interior) and H E Colonel C M Bennet (New Zealand High Commissioner) were Vice-Presidents. Datin Lau Foo Sun (nee Gunn Chit Wah) was the Secretary and Mr A W Rowkett was the Treasurer. The other committee members were the Hon Dato’ Sir Clough Thuraisingham and Mr Choo Kok Leong.

Past Presidents of the Society include:

  • Tun H.S. Lee
  • Tun Suffian Mohammad
  • Tan Sri Lal Vorah
  • Mr. Tristan Russell
  • Dr. Goh Cheng Teik
  • H.E. Graham Fry
  • Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad
  • Ms. Elizabeth Lee
  • Datin Shalini Ganendra
  • Ir Dr Gue See Sew
  • Ms. Margaret Hall
  • Mr Mark Disney
  • Ms. Y.Y. Chook
  • Ms. Emma Davidson