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‘Teasing out the Past. Unravelling the story of Doris van der Stratten’ by Andrew Barber

Andrew is joining us live to discuss how he came to write the story of Australian POW, Doris van der Stratten, and her mysterious death in Pudu Prison during the Japanese occupation of Malaya during WWII.
Andrew Barber is a former British Diplomat who served in Africa and Asia before settling in KL 20 years ago to run a security company. He studied History at Pembroke College Cambridge (his father and daughter are alumni of the same college) before joining a division of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Over the past ten years he has turned author, specialising in Malaysian history including Colonial Penang – 1786-1957; Penang at War; KL at War, 1939-1945; and Doris van der Stratten. He will discuss sources, historiography, and research, followed by a Q & A on the pleasure, pain, and peril of writing history!
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