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Focus on Wellness

The Oxbridge Society Malaysia is hosting a lively and informative webinar on Wednesday, 27th January at 8 p.m. on mental wellness that will focus on diet, sleep, relaxation and meditation and exercise with special guests and invaluable advice and their secrets to staying healthy.

1. Celebrity Chef Nik Michael Imran from Butterkicap will be talking about fantastic fresh, healthy food and will share his recipe for how to make local produce salads tasty with homemade dressings (…). Follow Chef Nik and Butterkicap via:

2. Shilpa Ghatalia from Yogshakti ( will be helping us to have great posture and breathing (…), discussing yoga and meditation (…), and will be sharing her famous Khichdi recipe. (

3. Encik Shahril Kamarulzaman is the Curator for Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)’s Urban Community Forest at Bukit Persekutuan. He’ll be telling us how to get immersed in nature, even in the city, and why green lungs in our urban areas are so important. For more details on MNS, go to:……

4. Professor Gerard Bodeker will be discussing why sleep is so crucial for our mental health and how to boost your mental health. For more details on his work, please go to….

Our co-hosts are Professor Gerard Bodeker, Vice-President of the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia and Chair, Mental Wellness Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute, and also Vignes Manogaran, who is currently in his first year at Cambridge studying Medicine.SHOW LESS

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