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Terms and Conditions of the Academic Exploration Competition

  1. The work and submission for the Academic Exploration Competition 2020 must be solely undertaken by the entrant (s) who has (have) submitted it, with no help provided from other sources except final proofreading.
  2. All sections of the paper that use quotes or describe an argument or concept developed by another author must be referenced, including all secondary literature.
  3. All music and images used must be copyright free or the entrant(s) must have written permission to use them.
  4. Exclusion from the competition is possible if it is found or suspected that any of the terms and conditions here have not been adhered to.
  5. Consent is given to the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia to undertake checks on the authenticity of the submission, including the use of third party plagiarism software.
  6. Consent is given for the submission to be published on the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia’s website and social media platforms.
  7. If the entrant(s) is (are) under the age of 18 years, permission has been given by the entrant(s) parent or guardian and consent is given for the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia to contact the entrant(s’)’s parent or guardian to confirm this permission.
  8. The submission needs to have been uploaded on the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia’s website before 6 p.m. Malaysian time on Monday, 25th May.
  9. The judges’ decision is final.
  10. The entrant(s) must be Malaysian or non-Malaysian studying in local, international and private schools in East and West Malaysia.
  11. The entrant(s) must be studying SPM, STPM, IGCSE and AS (not A2) levels or equivalent courses in the 2019/20 academic year.
  12. Entrant(s) can only submit one entry per category but can submit entries for multiple categories.