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Join Oxbridge Malaysia

Any person who has matriculated at either of the Universities or is deemed by the Committee to be an alumnus of either University by the criteria of their respective University’s alumni association or is deemed by the Committee to have spent a significant period of time conducting research or engaged in teaching in either University may apply to the Committee for election to membership of the Society.

The application fee payable for membership is RM100.00 per person for life. The life membership fee is an Application Fee and is payable upon application.

By applying for membership of the Society you agree that:

  1. The information you provided is not confidential and may be used for the purposes of the Society;
  2. You will produce any relevant documents and promptly notify the Society of any changes on request;
  3. You will send the non-refundable life membership application fee of RM100 to the Society’s account;
  4. The Committee need not give any reason for rejecting your membership application; and
  5. You will be bound by the above terms and conditions and the Rules of the Society in force from time to time.

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